Historic Downtown Galveston

Looking north on 21st Street near Market in Galveston, circa 1920.

The gambling era in Galveston, going to the Balinese Room, the Turf Grill and the Hollywood Club where Frank Sinatra and the gang hung out. So there was bootlegging. The city was aglow with high rollers.

Leona Pleasant

Roaring ‘20s.

Laura Manning Stokes

1920s Galveston, when it was one of the thriving hubs of the United States. The streets hummed with foot traffic, taxis and buses.

Cindy Milina

I’d like to live in the 1500s. I’d like to be a part of Henry VIII’s court, to actually see what really happened with all of his wives. How he went from hot to not hot.

Ginny McDonald

Viking. True warriors.

NormaJean Nelson

This is going to make me sound so young, but probably the 1970s or ‘80s because the music and the fashion scenes were just absolutely killer.

Audrey Reese

1800s America. Wild West Baby!

Dan Keim

Ancient Greece for the birth and reign of Alexander the Great (356-323 BC). A fascinating man who conquered the known world in his 33 years.

Forest Riggs

America’s Gilded Age because there was so much opportunity for innovation and growth. Back when Galveston was “The Queen City of The Gulf.”

Seth Alford

This would have been an easy question for the 13-year-old me — in Louis XIV’s court. For the somewhat older me, here and now.

Holly Thorson

The 1800s, because the clothes were so beautiful. I probably wouldn’t be able to wear them though.

Clara Miller

London, England during World War II.

Paul Ray Heinrich

This one, right now. History in the making is all around us — we each have the ability to work toward a positive impact for our present day and for future generations. If I could go back in time, though, the 1920s — there was so much gestating at that time, and my stars the clothes and music!

Holly Hopkins

Victorian. Beautiful clothes.

Helen Pausewang

My great-grandmother’s obituary was in 1891, and she was 92 and ½. That’s what it said. It said she came to Galveston with her family and was one of the first women here, and she loved to tell about those early days. Not sure I would like living in the conditions described in history books, but maybe the 1850s and 1860s. She could tell me her memories and I would know how they survived the Civil War.

Ethel Lou MacBeth

The Roaring ‘20s. I’m such a bad girl BOI (born on the island) it would have been fun during Prohibition.

Wanda McWhorter Huddleston

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