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Kai Davis lives a short distance from the beach on the West End of Galveston. She can pick up a surfboard and hit the waves whenever the mood strikes her. –photo by STUART VILLANUEVA (photo of young woman, Kai Davis heading out to surf)
Kai Davis, the daughter of Galveston Island Beach Patrol Chief Peter Davis, has grown up with the beach right outside the door of her family’s West End home, where the Gulf of Mexico is just steps away. For Kai and other young locals, the beach and bays help define who they are.
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Tuna fisherman Carl Roby recalls the night he saw something unusual while fishing more than 150 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico aboard his boat the Cynthia Renee. – photo by JENNIFER REYNOLDS.(photo of man, Carl Roby standing in frontof a boat with coffee thermos)
Galveston is known for its aquatic fauna of fish, birds and turtles, but historic records and some tales speak of bigger, more mysterious creatures that lurk between Gulf waves and ocean depths.
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Mikey sits on owner Dorothy Trevino’s lap at her home in Galveston. Mikey showed up at Trevino’s front door dirty and under
weight - photo of woman with small dog on her lap
Stories of pets saved from the streets, or worse, keep the Galveston Island Humane Society going, but so does money. After skipping last year, the society’s 2021 fundraising gala, scheduled for Sept. 25, couldn’t come at a better time. The shelter took a hit during the pandemic, and needs community support more than ever.
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Coast Monthly's August edition cover. ON THE COVER Kai Davis with her surfboard on the beach on the West End of Galveston. Read more about Davis on Page 14. Photo by Stuart Villanueva. Photo of young woman with blue surfboard standing in front of the Gulf of Mexico
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 photo of Danny Schroder, Ashley Cole and Parky Laville.
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Photo of Roseate Spoonbill taking off from shallow water with tall grasses behind it, Texas. Photo by OLIVIA CARLILE.
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From the Editor
Laura Elder, Editor
Islanders, since before they could walk, have tasted the salty water of the Gulf. The rest of us got here as soon as we could. This issue is dedicated to everyone who embraces the coastal lifestyle and our good fortune to have the Gulf of Mexico in our backyards.

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