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Photo of The Honey Hole, a cocktail made with Coastline Whiskey which is distilled at Texas Tail Distillary in Galveston.
The state of Texas walks into a saloon and says, “Gimme a whiskey.” Two hours later, the bartender is still listing the options — and these are just for the ones made in Texas. The loosening of laws regarding the distillation of liquor have left the Lone Star State awash in all kinds of whiskey, including both bourbon and rye.
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Photo of local actor and film writer Dan Braverman who wrote a Western comedy that will be filmed in various spots around the island.
Galveston could see some cowboys riding on the beach later this spring. That’s the hope of local actor and film writer Dan Braverman, who, in the next few months, aims to begin filming a witty Western comedy filmed in Galveston. Braverman this spring hopes to begin filming on a trailer or the first scenes of “The Chifferobe Kid Rides Again,” a Western comedic spoof filled with musical numbers.
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Photo of Arabella Davidson of Santa Fe, 8, won Lil’ Miss Fair and Rodeo 2019. Photo by STUART VILLANUEVA
Among the many traditions of the Galveston County Fair & Rodeo are pageants for children of varying ages. Youth compete for such titles as Fair King and Fair Queen, Little Miss and Little Mister and Baby Mister Cowboy and Baby Miss Cowgirl, among other categories. The contests help build traditions that last generations.
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Coast Monthly's March edition cover. A roseate spoonbill wades
through a rain-filled ditch
along Stewart Road in
Galveston. Photo by Jennifer
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Party Pic - Photo of Muriel Hutchins, Shamone Cranford and
Lisa Arredondo attending the 34th Annual Mardi Gras Gala, Light Up The Night. Photo by Carla Peoples.
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Photo of a red zinnia flower by photographer Nicholas Harris.
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From the Editor
Laura Elder, Editor
I was a teenager by the time I realized “Bubba” wasn’t a real name. I was in college when I learned that not all adults still called their fathers “Daddy.” I can still remember my fourth-grade teacher standing behind me, offering pointers on the pastel painting of a horse I planned to submit to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo art contest. I’m still very much a Texan. And each year, Coast Monthly celebrates what it means to be a Texan and, in these pages, celebrates a big part of our culture — rodeo season.

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